are nearly here!

Here are the three scenes I have prepared for you this year.


0P9A3147 WEB.png

This scene is all white and gold. There will be twinkle lights added to make it even more magical and a few more accessories. As you can see it is big enough to fit families. For babies and toddlers I also have a small sofa. Girls can use the cape with gold stars. I also have a selection of headbands. Although every colour combination will work well with these I recommend gold, silver, and white. 


0P9A1256 WEB.png

This scene is bright and colourful. It is big enough to fit children or a small family.I recommend Christmas colours like red, green and so on. Knowing the story behind Polar Express movie I recommend bringing Christmas pyjamas for this one. Children can hold the ticket OR the bell. As the ticket can not be disinfected if you'd like me to send you a copy so you can print and bring your own please let me know and I'll be happy to do that. Also know everyone will be asked to disinfect hands upon arrival. 


0P9A8955 sh.jpg

This scene is placed "outdoor" so feel free to bring sweaters or Christmas jumpers, scarfs and so on.  Any Christmas outfits will work well. Snow overlay is an option :)

a few things to remember

- double check your appointment time and ensure you are on time,

- iron your clothes, wrinkles don't photograph well,

- remember to choose photos in the time frame or your order might not be processed on time,

- remember to pay your invoice before or on a day of your appointment.

I can not wait to create these special memories for you and your family!