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Outdoor shoots can be taken either at the outside of my studio (pictured) or at the location of your choice*



Outdoor photography has a very special feel about it. I absolutelly love photographing on location especially children as i can then capture them in an open space without restricting them to my limited studio space. This is where children can simply be... children :)


I'm very lucky that my studio is located on a beautiful property overlooking Blue Mountains so I can photograph your family outside without leaving the studio area. I also have range of props that will work nicely in an outdoor setting.


Shooting on location also allows me as a photographer to spice up my usual workflow by adding new backgrounds and playing with new colors. 


Australia is such a beautiful country with so many possible places to photograph at - Jacaranda in bloom, lavender farm, cherry blossom in spring, Autum forest, great Aussie outback - I'm already excited about the possibilities! 





*Charges might occur depending on travelling time from my studio.




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