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Christmas mini sessions 2020

Christmas 2020 were like no other Christmas. As Corona flooded the world we were not certain if we'll even get to celebrate Christmas that year. November 2020 ( when these photos were taken) was very good to us. We didn't need to wear masks, borders were open. So I am so lucky to have captured these memories for you. Of course a few days before Christmas we had another outbreak but lucky we got to at least pictures to remember us by back then:)

Let's hope 2021 is much better to us!

Hee are some families that visited me this memorable Christmas.


Spencer and Liliana

Sahib, Amrita and Avneet

Kobi and Nash

Harper and Aria

Chelsea and Sebastian

Ruby, Danielle and Lucas


Winter and Brianna

Kane, Lace and Bryce

Amelia and Maks


Speak family


Carmelo, Andre and Angelo

Felix and Alaric


Lewis, Violet, Ryan and Jacob

Natalina, Jake, Michael, Christian

Marcel and Nadia

Mateo, Anthony and Kai

Stavros, Anthony and Annalise Sierra

Eden, Zack and Noah


Fletcher, Harry, Norah, Esther

Finn and Isobel

Charlie and Lockland

Brooklyn and Eli


Lucas and Aria

Amliya, Isaiah and Isaac

Charlotte, Scanlan and Jay

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