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Pat's 5th birthday cake smash

This was probably Pat's last cake smash. My family is giving me a hard time to let the "baby" in my little boy go and acknowledge the fact that is he is now too big for that stuff. Well, after going through the photos I'd like to think otherwise. How can my baby boy be so big now? When did the time go ? Time flies... Which is why I chose this for the theme for this cake smash. Time flies. I must say he was very excited for this smash. He remembered it too well from the last 4 so he knew exactly what to do. I loooove how when I told him to go ahead (after I got a few clean shoots) he rolled up his sleeves, then took of his jacket, threw it across the studio and then literally smashed his cake to pieces!

These photos were taken at the studio I hired from local sunshine coast photographer. Because I left it to the last minute I didn't get much luck in finding someone to do the cake. After messaging over 20 suppliers who all turned me down I was left with only one option - making a cake myself. Of course my little boy helped me make the clouds :) Also he said the cake was delicious so I'm happy to hear that :) Happy birthday baby boy!

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