Andre's cake smash

Here is the whole truth about cake smashes - most of the children don't like it. Don't get me wrong, some babies truly go for it, they eat and eat or destroy the cake but about 60-70% will have meltdown when they are placed near the cake. "This is so not like him/her" I hear a lot.  So I let babies to take it slow, get used to the studio area and 99% of them will eventually warm up and have fun. And all of the babies love their bubble bath. But then there is this 1% that will not have a bar of it. This time it was baby Andre. It is hard as a photographer to see baby unconsolable, all these work, beautiful decorations and baby's strong "no" is heart braking. And for parents to see their baby cry so much - that must be so hard :( So I kept trying but nothing worked until we finally got ONE smile! The joy of capturing that - unbeatable! 




















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