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Matilda and Rose

This was a very special kind of session. When Michelle, girls's auntie messaged me I knew I wanted to do this. This is that special moment when You realise how much photography means. This was one of my most important sessions, one with true meaning. Matilda - the older sister - came to me on the wheelchair. She was unable to communicate, move, even open her eyes. It took them 3 hours round trip to arrive to my studio, together with Matilda's carer. To me she was like a sleeping beauty. With perfect face, pink lips, long eyelashes and pale skin with tiny freckles - she was my muse for the day. I was absoltelly captured by beauty of Matilda.

Rose, younger sister was there cutest little girl. She was like the shiny star, so sweet and well behaved.

In this session I wanted to capture the love between those two sisters. Because love conquers all. Even though Matilda doesn't have much time left she is surrounded by so much love and affection. This is for Rose and Matilda <3

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