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Gazi Family

Meet the Gazis - gorgeous family i had pleasure to photograph in November 2017. Leyla - stunning Mum of 3 had everything planned for days. She shopped till she dropped ensuring everyone looks great, had make up artist travelling all the way from city and worked hard with the husband grooming the gardens of their amazing property. One thing we didn't plan though was the weather. I guess living in the usually sunny country you don't really think much about the bad weather. As the day of the session was slowly approaching the forecast did not look so good. The Gazis were also not in the position to reschedule given the busy schedule of the restaurant owners life. When i got there it rained, and rained. And then miraculously it stopped for about 2 hours which is when the magic happened. So with this intro i'd like to show you the family session of the lovely Gazi family. You can also meet them in person at their Cafe Lattetude located in Penrith, where food tastes delicious!

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