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Chelsea's Smash Cake

This is what I call celebrating ONE with a style! This session has been planned for months in advance and i think we did pretty well!

Chelsea's Mum loves horses and owns a couple herself so it was no surprise to have her pick up carousel as her little girl's smash cake theme. I have organised this beautiful backdrop from amazing USA supplier, the stunning design created by Kaleigh Karin. The outfit that Chelsea is wearing Mum brought with her along with the cake and pom poms.

The cake was stunning and it sure tasted good ( yes, it was also over my camera, not quite sure how it got there). Amazing job by All Things Sweet.

It didn't take long before Chelsea got messy :) Too cute!

Cake smashes are so much fun!

After messy cake it was bath time!

How gorgeous is this claw foot bath? I think this is my new favourite prop!

Splashing is sooooo much fun!!!!

Chelsea playing with her favourite bath toys.

Can't wipe the smile of her face :)

That was so much fun!!!!

Thank you Bernadette and Daniel for thrusting me again and choosing me as a photographer for this special event! I had a ball!

Happy birthday darling girl!

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