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Baby Henry

When Mummy brought Henry to my studio he still didn't have a name. It took his Mummy and Daddy quite a while to finally agree but i must say I love the name they choose :) This brought me back to my story and trying to agree with my husband of our children's names. Lucky we agreed on the names before 3 of them were born ( we choose boys and girls names as we didn't know the sex) however with Nellie we couldn't agree for the name till last minute. I still remember feeling so anxious while in delivery room that our baby will have no name, lucky we agreed just before our girl was born and this name came to our minds in the delivery room :) Oh the joys of parenthood and making these big decisions :) Anyways, enough about me, i am so happy that this little foxy has got this beautiful name - Henry. And how cute is he!?

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