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When Luca's Mum called me asking about newborn session I must admit I was a bit worried. I knew I could take beautiful photos but I was worried if I could deliver images she had in mind with 8 weeks old. But Luca boy surprised us all!

8 weeks old babies are just starting to smile so when I got that smile on camera it really made my day. I think I also got a wink from him as if he was saying - relax, i'll be good ;) And he was :)

Next was autumn setup :) I just love those colors! When I saw this scarf at Target I knew excactly how I was going to use it and I couldn't wait ;)

Us parents quite often forget to photograph ourselves with our children so I always encourage parents to stand in front of the camera. I'm sure Luca is gonna love looking at those photos as he gets older :)

At this point Luca started to get sleepy so Mummy cuddled and rocked him to sleep. She then layed him on the blanket where I started to pose him and work with him like a newborn :)

I love my macro lense and I think capturing those tiny details is so special :)

Those lips, oh!

So gorgeously squishy

And as I turned him over for the next pose little Luca decided to wake up. It was a quick 10 minutes power nap, long enough for me to take some great shots so thank you Luca!

After feed and cuddles from Mummy Luca felt asleep pacefully in his Mummy's arms. I could finish my flow posing on different blanket.

Love those images, I'm so so so proud of them :)

Safety throughout the shoot is very, very important. Some of the images are a composite which means I edited Mum's hand out (supporting the baby). Mummy was right there beside my bean bag making sure her precious boy is safe. This image below is composite too :) Baby was never in an egg shell :)

Thank you Mummy and Luca for visiting my studio and allowing me to capture those special moments. I hope to see you again!

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