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Meet Kevin

I was just putting my cake in the owen when I heard my husband walk in the kitchen with a little surprise. As I turned around there it was - Renee and my nephew Corey were standing in my kitchen, proud as new parents can be, holding this tiny baby in their arms. I just melted...

Of course I offered to photograph little Kevin and although he's now big 3 weeks old he's still so tiny...

Little munchkin didn't want to sleep at all so it was hard to get him posed.

His little feet were not much bigger then my thumbs.

And all he wanted was to nurse, nurse and nurse...

I guess it's not a surprise, I mean look at that gorgeous Mama!

Nothing better than a baby yawn :)

Blue is for a boy :)

Not a chance of sleeping :)

Daddy's hands

I love how here you can see the reflecion of his Daddy and me-photographing- in his eyes :)

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