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Thank You!

for booking your session with me!

Now let's get ready. Here is info on what to expect from your session with me.

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There is no rush, I book only one newborn session a day so we'll work around baby's needs. There will be time to feed, change and cuddle baby whenever he or she needs it. Usually newborn sessions last around 2-3 hours so remember to charge your phone or bring a good book along. 


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I will be settling baby and position him/her to create beautiful portraits. Please don't forget to bring pacifier even if you don't intend to use it in future. This will help me settle baby faster and I promise it won't make a difference to your breastfeeding relationship. 



I will offer warm or cold drink along with a little snack but if you feel you'll need more than that please bring along some food for yourself. I have microwave on premises so you can heat up your food. don't be embarrassed, I know how hungry new Mums get :)


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If your baby needs feeding you can relax on my comfortable lounge and nurse your baby for as long as you need. I also have microwave where you can heat up your baby's bottle. 



Because I'll be photographing your baby naked or wearing thin clothes the studio is going to get nice and toasty so please dress accordingly in layers.  



I would suggest picking a color theme and following with that throughout the session. That way all images will work well together and present beautifully.  


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I might need some help with spotting/holding the baby in a position. If you are too sore to do that pls bring partner along. 


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Please bring plain coloured and colour coordinated tops for the family shoot. Combination of colours like grey, white with pink or blue work best. Please stay away from prints or patterns. Also prepare your hands to be photographed so tidy up your nails and nail polish. If going ahead with colour for the nails please choose something simple and neutral unless this is your usual style. 

Also please bring spare clothes for yourself on case your baby sees or poops on you during naked shoots. 



When photographing newborns with siblings I strongly recommend to start the session with those portraits. For that reason please arrange someone to look after your older child during this time or have someone pick them up from the studio.


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24 hours within your session you will receive a sneak peak which will be followed by online gallery where you will be able to choose your favourites.


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If you have any special request make sure to let me know in advance and I will be happy to assist you :)

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