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TIMING IS CRUCIAL: When it comes to photographing newborns the best time is between 5-14 days old. After that time some of the curly poses will be too hard to achieve as baby would get used to living outside of the womb by then. Also 2 weeks plus newborns might not want to sleep at all and therefore will not allow to be posed. Hence it's best to book your session before your baby is born so you don't miss out on the typical newborn poses. 

I'll be happy to photograph baby at any age however certain poses and props can be performed only on sleeping baby.



During the session I will work around your baby's needs ensuring he/she is safe and comfortable at all times. We will take several breaks to feed, change or settle baby.

The room will be at the comfortable temperature for naked/semi dressed baby so please dress lightly. 



I know how daunting and tiring it is to be a new parent so I'll do my best to make you feel comfortable at my studio ;) You will be able to relax in my rocking chair, drink chilled or hot drinks (whichever you prefer) while I photograph your precious little one. 



As we know fashion changes and what looked great 20 years ago now might not look so good :) Therefore I recommend wearing simple colors and simple/classical designs. We don't want any of your clothing to draw attention away from your little one :) If you and your family want to be included in the shot it would be great if your color scheme matched. 


FAMILY/SIBLING SHOTS: I strongly recommend getting photographed with your sweet, little baby - a keepsake he/she will treasure forever. Don't worry about your postnatal body - i will photograph your family in a way to hide all flaws and show your beauty :) 

If you want to have a sibling photographed with your baby please arrange someone to help to look after the child while I photograph the baby (we want studio to be nice and quiet to help baby sleep). I would usually photograph siblings at the beginning or at the end of the session. I do have a lot of space outside of my studio so your little one can play happily under supervision.




When booking the session ensure the session time doesn't collide with their nap time (unless you want sleepy or cranky shots). We want babies/children to be happy and rested for the best results :)



Babies are a joy to photograph. I recommend you bring their favorite toy to get those best smiles on the camera.



You are welcome to bring any outfits you have in mind however I recommend using my props. I have selection of wonderful pieces for baby and children photography. 



I offer Smash Cake Photography. You can purchase a cake fro me or bring your own cake to capture your baby's first taste of icing. 






The best time for maternity pictures is between 28 and 35 weeks of pregnancy. This is the time when Mummy looks her best and when growing belly is nice and round. 



In my studio I have available ivory dress and lace set for sizes 38-42(8 to 14) along with different kind of fabric to create flowing style shoots. Please wear white underwear (dress is pretty see through). 


It is recommended to wear light make-up however I do offer hair and make up artist in my services (which would be done in my studio prior to the session).


Pictures can be taken at my studio and outdoor at the location of your choice or at my property. 

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