Cake smash guide

Sooo, you just booked a cake smash. Are you ready for the mess?

Cake smash sessions although super cute are also super messy.

Here is what to pack:

1. Spare clothes for yourself (that's right) and your baby.

2. Wipes - lots of it.

3. Bubble bath solution ( ensure you child is not allergic to it).

4. Towel that you are happy to have in the photos.

Practice, practice

Lots of babies are not too sure what to do with the cake once it is placed in front of them. They might not want to touch it, might be scared of it. That is why practice is so important.

Here is how: make a gimmick cake for your baby, it can be a muffin with whipped cream or anything as long as it looks like a cake. Sit your baby in front of it and encourage him/her to "smash it". Make sure to make a fuss about how much fun it is. Before you know it you will have. professional mess maker at your feet ready for the grand performance.

Some kids just don't like it

As heartbreaking as it sounds not all babies like to get messy. So don't be discouraged if that happens to your little one. Lucky for you I am a very patient lady and eventually we will get these photos we want :)

After a mess a bath is a must

And lucky for you all babies like bath :) 

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