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Maternity guide

Thank You for booking your maternity session with me! I am so excited to be your photographer. I looooove pregnant women, they are so beautiful and radiant and their shape, oh - just wonderful! 

Now, let's get excited about sharing those special memories.

Here are a few things that will help you to prepare for our session together. Remember if you have any questions or special requests just ask me and i will be happy to help. Remember you are hiring me to do exactly what you want:)



Remember the days when you were getting ready to go out on that very important day. Well, try too make the same effort. 

Have a good night sleep, have a good breakfast so you are not hungry and bring some snacks for the session in case you do. Remember there is someone special in your tummy who needs to be fed :)

Have a relaxing shower, make sure your skin is smooth and free of hair, do your nails as i will be photographing your hands a lot, and book a hair and make up artist. This makes such a difference in your confidence on a day and definitely feels good to feel pretty :) Make sure you don't make any other appointments on that day so you don't feel rushed. 

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Please, don't wear prior to the session tight fitting clothes or anything that can make your skin. Please moisturise your skin in the morning of your session. This will help with itching related to the stretching skinned also will make your skin look radiant and healthy. Avoid grease and oily moisturisers. 

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                                      STUDIO OR ON LOCATION?

I am very flexible with where you want your photos taken. My studio is everyone's favourite, but we can also go to the park, down the river, to the city or even to your home or hotel room. The choice is yours :)

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Please bring your partners and family along. This is a special time  of them too and your baby will appreciate having them in his/her photos. Just like with newborns I start with the family photos while children are still happy and before they get tired. Please choose simple and coordinating outfits for all of you. Jeans and white/black tops work great. I will send you my full clothing guide separately. 

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                                              WHAT TO BRING:

I have variety of maternity dresses, till na loose fabric for you to wear one the day. Because some of my gowns are see through please bring :

- beige (skin colour) underwear,

- black and white. 

To begin with wear something casual and what you like to wear. I like to make you feel comfortable first :)

2M2A9593 WEB.png

                             WANT TO GO A STEP FURTHER?


If you are after boudoir style images please don't be shy and let me know. I would love to that for you. In that case please bring extra thin string underwear so it is easier to edit it out. 

0P9A4739 WEB.png

Lastly, if there is any special photo you would like to recreate please just tell me. 

if you have any questions - again feel free to ask :) 

Remember we are here to have fun so don't stress too much. I want this to be enjoyable experience :)

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